What is a Fit and Why Get One?

In a very brief summary, a properly fit bike will be more efficient and comfortable for you. One of the biggest misconceptions of bike fitting is that it only benefits a racer, but this just is not true. If you are a recreational rider or even just starting out, a properly fit bike will allow you to enjoy riding more. Another misconception about riding is that it should hurt a little, which again is not true. A properly fit bike will not cause you any pain other than a good muscle burn in your legs.

I use the only true 3D motion capture system specifically designed for bike fitting, called Retul. In essence it is a series of LED lights that will be placed on your leg and arm joints to accurately and dynamically capture what your body is doing while on the bike at power. Then the proprietary software will quickly crunch those numbers and provide us with a long list of data points to determine where we have to move your contact points to provide you with the most efficient and comfortable proper riding position.

Consult Fit

This is our primary fit service. We will use an existing bike of yours, one of my stock bikes, or the Size Cycle to optimize your position within the constraints of your bio mechanics and specific riding goals.

The fit process always starts with a conversation between us about your riding habits, goals, injuries, other sports, and usually drifts off into so other areas as we get to know each other. The next step is a brief physical assessment of your specific flexibility and bio mechanics. Don't worry, it's just a few toe touch type exercises for the most part. Now the fun part - we attach the LED lights to your joints and take an initial capture of where you are currently. From here we can analyze the data and determine a plan to meet your goals.

The biggest difference in the fits will be whether we are fitting you to your existing bike or for a new bike. With your existing bike we are limited by the existing geometry, but usually I can get something to work out well and that is what we are going for. If you are looking for a new bike, we have unlimited options to optimize your fit. There's a good chance that a stock Pinarello, Eddy Merckx, or Cyfac will fit you as they have excellent size runs. If for some reason you just can't fit those, we can always get you a custom made Cyfac. The last step is to Zin your bike, or digitally measure it and save it in our database for reference on future fits.

I am a bike guy - I honestly believe that everyone should be riding bikes, whether for sport or transport, but if you really want a Cervelo, or Colnago, or find a classic Sachs on Ebay, I will help you find it and make sure that it fits you properly. It might be buying online or maybe calling one of the local shops and seeing what they have in stock. I honestly don't mind - I just want as many people riding as we can get. The more people on bikes, the better this world will be. So come on in and talk to me and I can help you find what you need.

All fits are done by appointment only as it is best to completely dedicate my time to you. Because of this, I can accommodate pretty much any time that works best for you. The first bike we fit is $250 and each additional bike is $150. A typical fit session lasts 2-3 hours. If any new parts are needed, installation is included, and usually done while you are here. When we finish you and your bike will be ready to ride right away in your optimized position.

Mobile Fit

A rather unique benefit of using Retul motion capture is that it is very portable. I can come to your house, office, or pretty much anywhere and fit you to your bike or for a new bike. If you have a few friends that would like a fit also, it is a good way to split the travel costs. Pricing for a mobile fit for the Cincinnati area is $350. If you are farther away (pretty much anywhere in OH, KY, IN, & WV), additional travel costs will be quoted for you.

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